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If your dream is to study in an international program in Engineering,Technology, or Management,

SIIT is the best choice for your study andyour future.

Whether you plan to continue your graduate study inThailand or abroad or to work in international organizations, you willbe able to achieve your goals with the fully qualified full-timeprofessors at SIIT. For nearly 30 years, SIIT has not only producedhighly qualified graduates, it also has continuously published the highest number of research papers per faculty member in the country.

Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology (SIIT), Thammasat University, was established in 1992 in cooperation with Thammasat University, the Japan Federation of Economic Organizations(KEIDANREN), and the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI).

SIIT’sobjectives are to produce highly qualified engineers andtechnologists, who are competent in advanced technology, proficient in English communication, and able to manage and carry out research inengineering and technology.

Our graduates have worked in multinational and global companies bothin the private and public sectors.

Those who have chosen to pursuefurther studies have been admitted into leading universities all overthe world.

Semester Period

  • First Semester: August – December Second Semester: January-May SummerSession: June-July


  • Rangsit Campus (at the Rangsit Center of Thammasat University)- Bangkadi Campus (at Bangkadi Industrial Park)


Undergraduate program

Bachelor of Engineering

  • Chemical engineering (ChE)
  • Civil engineering (CE)
  • Computer engineering (CPE)
  • Digital engineering (DE)
  • Electrical engineering (EE)
  • Industrial engineering (IE)
  • Mechanical engineering (ME)

Bachelor of Science

  • Management technology (MT)
  • Engineering management (EM)

Graduate program

  • Master of Engineering Program in Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things
  • Master of Engineering Program in Engineering Technology
  • Master of Engineering Program in Logistics and Supply Chain SystemsEngineering
  • Master of Science Program in Engineering and Technology
  • Doctor of Philosophy Program in Engineering and Technology

Tuition Fees

Undergraduate program

The total tuition and educational support fees per semester is 97,2000Baht (flat rate).

Graduate program

The tuition fee which includes charges for instruction and academicadvice is 3,600 Baht per credit.

Education Support Fees

The fees include services other than instruction, such as library,publications, thesis support, computing facility, counseling, andplacement, but do not cover the cost of damage to or loss ofuniversity property.
The fees are charged at the following rates:

Recruitment Requirements

  • Equivalent from other countries (grade 12 or equivalent)
  • Regular semester: 53,815 Baht per semester (or 41,315 Baht if the number of registered credits is less than or equal to 6 credits)
  • Summer session: 26,450 Baht for summer session (or 20,200 Baht if the number of registered credits is less than or equal to 3 credits)
  • Status maintaining: 4,800 Baht per semester

The total tuition and education support fee per semester is approximately 86,160 Baht for 9 credits.

Undergraduate program

An applicant must not carry any seriously contagious disease, or any disease that would be detrimental to his/her education, or any mental disorder.

Admission Methods

A prospective student may apply for admission through one of the following methods:

  1. Submission of Portfolio
  2. TU Quota
  3. SIIT Entrance Examination
  4. Submission of Standardized Test Scores:
    • Scholastic Assessment Test I (SAT I or SAT II)
    • American College Testing (ACT)
    • General Certificate of Education (GCE), ‘A’ Level

Scholarship program

  • 100%, 50% and 25% waiving of SIIT education and tuition fees
  • The SIIT 4-Year Continuing Scholarships program aims to encourage the admission of academic excellence students and also to encourage scholarship recipients to make satisfactory academic progress towardsthe completion of their degree
    • International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma
    • 6thForm
    • National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA)
    • General Educational Development (GED)
    • General Scholastic Aptitude Test (GSAT)
    • Other national test scores announced by SIIT

Please see admission criteria for academic year 2022

5. Transfer from other accredited universities

Master’s degree programs

An applicant must hold a bachelor’s degree in engineering, science, ora related field that is accepted by the SIIT Executive Committee.

For more details please see graduate catalog page 15:

Doctoral degree programs

Please see graduate catalog page 33:

Excellent Foreign Students Program (Undergraduate) [EFS-U]

Graduate Scholarship Program for Excellent Foreign Students (EFS)

  • For master’s and doctoral programs (100% education and tuition fees,thesis support, living allowance, round-trip airfare, medicalinsurance, English proficieny test for graduation, and other benefits)
  • EFS scholarships are annually available for non-Thai students withexcellent academic records from reputable universities around theworld

SIIT Faculty Scholarships for Graduate Students

  • For master’s and doctoral programs (100% education and tuition feeswith thesis support)
  • More than 50 scholarships are annually available for graduatestudents who wish to study a master’s or a doctoral degree with aparticular faculty
  • TAIST-Tokyo Tech Scholarships (NSTDA)
  • 100% education and tuition fees, thesis support, and other benefits
  • It is a joint program between SIIT and NSTDA to offer master’s degrees in:
    • Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things (AI and IoT)
    • Sustainable Energy and Resources Engineering Program (SERE)


  • 100% education and tuition fees with other benefits
  • SIIT and the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technologyoffer a dual degree doctoral program in partnership with NSTDA in the area of Service Science which includes various participating fields in Engineering and Technology. Duration of the program is 4 years: the 1st and 3rd years will be spent at SIIT while the 2nd and 4th years will be spent at JAIST (Japan).

More graduate scholarships please see

For more information about admissions and program